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What are the best museums in Preston? - Marcus Briggs
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What are the best museums in Preston?

Best Museum in Preston - Marcus Briggs

What are the best museums in Preston?

The best museums in Preston are fascinating windows into the history of a city and county which have played an important role in Britain’s development since before Roman times.

Preston has several museums worth visiting, and many of the best examples celebrate Preston’s role in the industrial revolution, as the city boomed from a small market town to an important industrial centre.

Ribble Steam Railway Museum

Anyone with a passing interest in Britain’s proud history of innovation in railway technology will enjoy the Ribble Steam Railway Museum, and kids will get a real kick out of the chance to get up close to these amazing machines.

The museum is on the eastern edge of the city, not far from the River Ribble, and it features dozens of historic steam and diesel locomotives. This includes three imposing Sentinel shunting engines named Progress, Enterprise and Energy.

The history of Preston’s rail network can be traced back to Longridge, where the demand for stone from quarries in Longridge led to the opening of the Preston and Longridge Railway in 1840. This railway was essential in transporting the stone away from the Longridge quarries for use in such places as Lancaster Town Hall and Liverpool Docks.

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